STAFFORD, NJ - Becoming healthier has never been simpler and we are on the cutting edge with IDLife's science backed customized nutrition. 

Tonight from 7:30-8:30 p.m. at 56 Shore Avenue in Manahawkin, you have the opportunity to learn about the only customized nutrition program available through a free online HIPAA compliant personal health assessment backed by over 18 years of scientific research.

See why the American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association and The MD Anderson Cancer Clinic have partnered with IDLife, along with Garmin, global supplier of wearable tracker and GPS devices! 

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Come check out and taste the entire IDLife product line. Learn how you can get exactly what your body needs along with a good night's sleep, increase your energy, hydration, lose weight and get in shape before summer!

IDLife products are non-GMO, all-natural, derived from organic ingredients, gluten free, soy free, casein free, and backed by third party peer reviewed research. 

Any orders during the event will receive 30% off your total purchase.

If you cannot make it visit to take your free health assessment!