LITTLE EGG HARBOR, NJ : Assets Assurance, LLC, a home inventory service, announces now is the time to document your belongings before a disaster happens to your home. 

None of us like to think about the possible ways that we can lose part or our entire home. Fire, natural disaster and theft are only a few of the many possible ways you could lose everything. We spend our lives living in our homes surrounded by our precious belongings, but if asked, could we recall every item for an insurance claim? More than likely, the answer is no!  

Realizing the importance of documenting homeowner possessions, Bill von Kessel and Harold Lapp, Jr. formed Assets Assurance, LLC. A comprehensive home inventory service that helps a homeowner prepare in case of a disaster. 

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Both Bill and Harold agree with insurance companies and public adjusters that recommend a comprehensive home inventory documentation to maximize and simplify an insurance claim. Even lawyers and financial planners urge their clients to prepare a home inventory to help with divorces, estate planning or estate sales.  

“We offer protection and peace of mind," said Bill, “given the number of natural disasters, fires and even home burglaries in recent times, homeowners know they should have this done, but simply don’t have the time or patience to perform one themselves. Even with the free apps that are available from many insurance companies, people don’t put this on their top of the list to get done until it’s too late. Our professional documentation service provides the homeowner with a complete set of reports containing full details about everything they own along with digital images. Now if they ever need to use it, they’re prepared for an insurance claim." 

As Harold stated, “Recently we were invited to speak at a local realtors team meeting, only one person out of 15 agents that attended had taken the time to do their own inventory and maintains it to this day. All the rest said it was a good idea, but never had it done.” 

“We all know the importance of having life insurance,” Harold continues, “and even a last will and testament but people tend to forget the old boy scout motto "Always Be Prepared." Most homeowner’s insurance plans include ‘Content Protection’ which simply means your household items like furniture; TV’s and computers are part of the coverage. Not the case should you have valuable pieces of art, antiques or jewelry and collections like fire arms, coins, baseball cards or vintage toys. Normally a rider is needed to be added on your policy so they are protected for any loss on these valuables.

The problem is, should you have a loss of any kind like fire, theft or flood, YOU have to submit proof of loss even with a rider for those valuable items. Let’s face it, the unexpected disaster takes place all the time to homeowners and I’m not here to wish anyone bad luck. We’re here to help homeowners to get prepared before the unexpected break in, fire or flood happens.” 

Assets Assurance, LLC understands customer privacy, in most cases before leaving the home, the homeowner will have the digital reports and images in their hand. It’s their practice in the presence of the homeowner to delete all their inventory information from their computers prior to leaving. 

Assets Assurance, LLC is based in Little Egg Harbor, NJ serving the entire state of New Jersey along with the surrounding states. Additional details may be found at: or you may contact them direct at 609-722-6220.