I May Have Lost Part of My Leg, But I Keep Right On Going

by Nancy Still


My amputation is just something that represents a “slight setback” in life. A while back, I saw an amputee on one of Oprah’s shows. She was a Mom who lost both arms and legs. She manages to get around while taking care of two daughters. That is amazing!

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I can explain what happened to me but please understand that there were so many things that happened at once: Fluid in my lungs, a heart attack, kidney failure, diabetes, and then a broken ankle which went right through the skin. Of course, it became infected. Yeah, I almost didn’t make it. I don’t know why but I’m still here but I am.

That’s my story! Nobody wants to hear how much pain you were in or how you were praying so hard that you would die or how many lost days you had or what is like going on dialysis.

People like to hear happy things. I’m so very sorry to say, that certainly is not always the case. I just do what I must do every day.

As much as I believe that we all have a “cross” to bear, I just keep right on going regardless of ANY setbacks.


TONY'S COMMENT: Nancy was a dear friend who passed away some time ago.

As tough as “things” were for her, she always found a way to laugh through the “bad times.” She taught me so much about facing difficult situations with “just a touch” of humor and a “big dose” of strength.


Thank you,

Tony Lombardo


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