SHIP BOTTOM - TAPinto Stafford-LBI released the report on Tuesday morning from Ship Bottom Police about early morning car burglaries in the Borough.  The police are asking residents or visitors who were burglarized to inform them because the investigation is ongoing.  You can contact the police at (609) 494-1518 to inquire or if you have a tip.

The Ship Bottom Police arrested 19 year old Dylan Bertolino and 19 year old Patrick Owens, both live in Congers, NY.  The third man arrested was also 19 years old, Christopher Hauser from New City, NY.  These men were charged with numerous counts of burglary and theft.

Patrolman Lazlo spotted the men running from the driveway of one residence and into the backyard of another residence nearby. In the driveway the men from a vehicle with its door partially open.  Officer Lazlo apprehended two of the men.  The third man was caught by Sgt. Ed Williams a short time later. 

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These officers were assisted by Patrolman Potter and they conducted additional sweeps of the area and were able to locate numerous items that were found to be stolen from at least eight vehicles.

In addition to the stolen property that the suspects had in their possession, items were also located in the roadway as well as a bag filled with stolen items that the trio attempted to discard in the bay after being spotted by Officer Lazlo.

The Ship Bottom Police remind all visitors and residents to lock their vehicle and house doors at all times in order to help prevent such crimes. The suspects when apprehended stated that they only burglarized vehicles that they found to be left unlocked. 

Again, anyone who was victimized by this incident or with any information that can further assist in this investigation can contact the Ship Bottom Police Department at 609-494-1518.