Some of us who live in the Beach Haven West section of Stafford Township are concerned. We are especially concerned because the Stafford Township Mayor and Council appear to be reneging on their previous commitment to rebuild the Mill Creek Community Center building after 3 years. 

At the Township Council meeting on Tuesday, January 24, I requested to be able to see the building plans that would be provided in the bid request for the building.  The answer from the Mayor was "No." 

Over the years Mr. Moran and the Mayor stated the bids were sent out and returned. The returned bids were out of reach as far as cost for the Beach Haven West building.  This needed to be put on hold until the new Bay Avenue building was finished.

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All throughout it appears that the Beach Haven West residents have been misled.  We believed that the Township would be replacing the Mill Creek building.

On Tuesday night, it sounded like Beach Haven West will not have a community center building built at all. The Beach Haven West Civic Association has appeared over these three years at the township meetings to no avail.  

If people remember Alex Baldwin donated two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to help rebuild the Beach Haven West Mill Creek Community Center.  This is outrageous and may be illegal.  

If the Beach Haven West residents would like the building replaced, we need your help.  Please attend a Council meeting or write to to the Mayor and Council sharing your support for a new Beach Haven West Community Center.