STAFFORD, NJ - Stafford Township Police Chief Joseph Giberson, who has served as chief for the past six years, will retire on May 31st.  Joe has been in law enforcement for 27 years.  “I have been told many times, ‘When the time is right, you will know it,’” he said.

Joe has also been very involved in the emergency management field,  Giberson has been a life member of the Stafford Township EMS squad.  He has also been a member of the emergency management team during emergencies and natural disasters.   Giberson said he feels blessed to have had a healthy and rewarding career.  He is looking forward to spending time with his wife Donna and family.  

In an age where police officers are under intense scrutiny and criticism, Chief Giberson wants all to know that the vast majority of police officers are caring and professional.  It is a calling to become a police officer.  “Trust me, it’s not just a cliché that people become police officers to help people and to make the world a better place to live – it is truly the reason for most officers,” the Chief said. 

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He will miss seeing his colleagues daily but will cherish the many friendships he has made – “It would take a book to list them.”  Joe looks forward to spending time with his wife Donna who has sacrificed much while he served as police chief and as a detective. He plans to stay active in town.

Ship Bottom police Chief Paul Sharkey shared that “Joe was a great investigator.  He is a humble man and well liked.  He is greatly respected by his officers.  He came in at a turbulent time and did a great job to stabilize the Stafford force.  Most importantly, Joe is a man with strong faith in Jesus Christ.”

Joe’s faith in God comes first in his life.  His pastor, Drew Overgard from the Cedar Run Assembly of God Church, where Joe and his family attend said:  “Joe is deeply loved and respected by those who know him.  Joe and his family are an integral part of our church. The professionalism, integrity and compassion that Joe brought to the police department are just an extension of how he lives his life every day. In his off duty hours and away from public view, Joe cuts grass for an elderly family, plows snow for people who are sick or disabled, and gives assistance to homeless and those in need. Joe is usually the first one to offer any assistance he can when someone is in need. He definitely has a servant’s heart and is a true representation of what it means to be a Christian. Joe is a blessing to this community in and out of uniform.”

John Halbeisen and Jim Given started a Bible study and support group for police officers and their families.  Joe has been involved with this group for many years.  The group still meets regularly.

Chief Giberson concluded “my career as a police officer has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my life. My faith in God has protected and guided me through every call for duty. I give all the credit to God. Being a Christian has empowered me to have courage in times of fear, trust over doubt, calmness in chaos, and faith in times of tragedy. Often I have asked God to give me wisdom in decision making during my time as Chief."

  "I always pray for the safety of the men and woman of the department. I read a quote early in my career and I have attempted not only to perform my duties as a police officer by these excerpts but to live by them at all times. TODAY WILL NEVER COME AGAIN.  BE A BLESSING. BE A FRIEND. ENCOURAGE SOMEONE. TAKE TIME TO CARE, LET YOUR WORDS HEAL AND NOT WOUND.”