MANCHESTER - The Stafford Township Police Department recently participated in the Manchester Township Police First Responders Fitness Challenge.

The Stafford team of officers won for the fourth consecutive year.  The team defeated 16 others police departments in the competition. 

The team was made of Patrolman Anthony Vincent, Patrolman Zach Wiatrowski, Officer Andrew Moslowitz and Officer Gerardo Jorge, assisted by Officers Steve Fessler, Joe Stanziano and Patrolman Mike Wade. 

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The following events were part of the competition:

  • Humvee push
  • sandbag Todd/ walljump
  • deadlift
  • clean and press
  • yoke carry
  • kettlebell swings
  • burpees​​​​​​​
  • sandbag lunges 
  • telephone pole flip
  • atlas stone carry
  • tire flip
  • fire hose drag
  • farmers carry
  • push-up / air squat 
  • rope climb
  • bear crawl
  • swim 
  • 5 mile trail run