LITTLE EGG HARBOR - Yesterday, Stafford Sparklers’ special needs cheerleading time, the Star Team competed at Pinelands Regional High School Cheerleading Competition.  This was the first competition where they had another special needs team present to compete against.  

Coach Sandy Evans makes sure the girls are having fun while working hard.  “I’m so thankful to the Sparklers organization for this opportunity for the kids. They just want to have fun and be like the other girls too! Every competition is so emotional and brings tears to my eyes (as well as others) because I know how much harder my girls have to work to do what seems so simple or comes natural to others”  

The Stars did an awesome job with their routine.  The girls were scored by three judges yesterday.  Each judge had great things to say and very positive remarks for improvement.  Coach Evans likes to take what the judges score and read them to the girls at practice so they know what they need to work on.

Coach Evans is already setting goals for next year.  “I've already been thinking about next year and having two practices a week to increase skills!”  She understands each girl’s ability and wants them each to develop their skills and be their best.  Stafford Sparklers Star Team is a very special part of Stafford’s community.  They truly appreciate all the community does to support their organization.