GALLOWAY, NJ - Stockton University has released its Spring 2016 Dean’s List, including students from our towns. Below you will find the students’ name, year, major, and home town listed. 

Stafford and LBI Honor Roll Students
Gallagher Shane Senior Business Studies Beach Haven Gardens
Hager Rylea Sophomore Health Science Beach Haven
Tait Alicia Senior Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt Beach Haven
Barbera Kyle Sophomore Undeclared Beach Haven
Ivancich Timothy Junior Computer Science and Info Syst Beach Haven
Biehn Dierdre Senior Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt Long Beach Township
Ward Gabrielle Sophomore Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt Beach Haven
Bailey Alexandra Senior Psychology Ship Bottom
Dorantes Michelle Sophomore Social Work Ship Bottom
Hackworth Grant Senior Environmental Science Surf City
Gould Landon Senior Business Studies Surf City
Zimmerman Michael Senior Political Science Harvey Cedars
Siciliano Theodore Sophomore Business Studies Surf City
Cucinotta Jon-Michael Junior Computer Science and Info Syst Manahawkin
Scavuzzo Alex Junior Criminal Justice Manahawkin
Janssen Rebecca Senior Biology Manahawkin
Polyard Emily Senior Communication Studies Manahawkin
Martorano Rianna Senior Literature Manahawkin
Cordasco Summer Sophomore Historical Studies Manahawkin
Ernst Madison Junior Liberal Studies Manahawkin
Vernon Victoria Senior Health Science Manahawkin
Barlotta Nicholas Senior Business Studies Manahawkin
Loucanides Althea Sophomore Biochemistry Molecular Biology Manahawkin
Scherzer Thomas Senior Criminal Justice Manahawkin
Darcy Caitlin Senior Liberal Studies Manahawkin
Maniaci Krista Senior Communication Studies Manahawkin
Shouldis Katherine Senior Health Science Manahawkin
Barbato Cody Senior Business Studies Manahawkin
Orlando Anthony Junior Historical Studies Manahawkin
Knight Troy Senior Business Studies Manahawkin
Emde Brian Senior Social Work Manahawkin
Sheehan Lauren Junior Health Science Manahawkin
Dancer Jessica Senior Marine Science Manahawkin
Hagen Troy Senior Computer Science and Info Syst Manahawkin
Rutter Ethan Senior Business Studies Manahawkin
Caiazzo Victoria Sophomore Biology Manahawkin
Caiazzo Vincent Senior Psychology Manahawkin
Cannon Brittany Junior Health Science Manahawkin
Whittaker Kelsey Sophomore Health Science Manahawkin
Jeklinski Tyler Senior Business Studies Manahawkin
White Kyle Senior Business Studies Manahawkin
Demko Savannah Senior Literature Manahawkin
Foster-Tiso Samantha Junior Public Health Manahawkin
Zafonte Kristen Senior Liberal Studies Manahawkin
Howley Alex Junior Political Science Manahawkin
Higgins Benjamin Junior Health Science Manahawkin
McGinnis Amanda Junior Studies in the Arts Manahawkin
Warren David Junior Computer Science and Info Syst Manahawkin
Warren Dana Senior Sociology & Anthropology Manahawkin
Datz Cassandra Senior Biology Manahawkin
Otte William Junior Visual Arts Manahawkin
Bajada Christopher Sophomore Health Science Manahawkin
Lyons Cassidy Senior Visual Arts Manahawkin
Bebel Amanda Senior Biology Manahawkin
Tamburo Joseph Senior Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt Manahawkin
Broadbent Pamela Senior Public Health Manahawkin
Stewart Sean Junior Business Studies Manahawkin
Maute Donald Junior Geology Manahawkin
Mastrandrea Anthony Senior Criminal Justice Manahawkin
Durar John Senior Business Studies Manahawkin
Olewine Dana Senior Liberal Studies Manahawkin
Miller Jordan Senior Philosophy and Religion Manahawkin
Gotthold Sara Junior Health Science Manahawkin
Neluna Hailey Senior Health Science Manahawkin
Bethmann Cara Senior Studies in the Arts Manahawkin
Brant Tiffany Senior Liberal Studies Manahawkin
Smythe Justin Senior Business Studies Manahawkin
DeAraujo Paulina Senior Business Studies Manahawkin
Vaughan Emily Senior Studies in the Arts Manahawkin
Blais Mary Senior Liberal Studies Manahawkin
Fisher Leigh Senior Literature Manahawkin
Schacht Erik Junior Business Studies Manahawkin
Wilkie Andrew Senior Economics Manahawkin
Nevoso Joseph Senior Health Science Manahawkin
HerrNeckar Hunter Sophomore Liberal Studies Manahawkin
Stroud Justin Senior Health Science Manahawkin
Vetrecin Sara Senior Health Science Manahawkin
Holland Jennifer Junior Political Science Manahawkin
Amador Mario Junior Communication Studies Manahawkin
Toye Erin Junior Health Science Manahawkin
Volz Thomas Junior Political Science Manahawkin
Tamowski Allyson Sophomore Health Science Manahawkin
Piarulli Alexis Sophomore Biology Manahawkin
Minutella Steven Senior Business Studies Manahawkin
Zoida Joseph Senior Biology Manahawkin
Melega Megan Senior Teacher Education Manahawkin
Pineno Daniella Sophomore Liberal Studies Manahawkin
Campagnolo William Junior Applied Physics Manahawkin
Forsman Trevor Senior Chemistry Manahawkin