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New Jersey has one of the highest ranking K-12 educational systems in the nation. According to a 2017 Quality Counts Report, New Jersey was given an overall score of 85.6 coming in 2nd to Massachusetts. We also have high school graduation rates that continue to rise for all our student subgroups. Yet, for the past seven and half years as our governor attacks our school administrators, teachers, and extended support staff, our representatives in Trenton have been silent. We are at a time when the people we entrust to educate our children are not being given the respect and support they need.

Right now, all across the state educators are preparing to open the doors of their schools and welcome students to another year while their pensions go underfunded, mandates are being handed down with no financial support, and they are reduced to a numerical rating of 1-4. Yet, they will still open the doors of their classrooms and greet every student every day with a smile on their face and love in their hearts. We are at a time when education must be a top priority in Trenton but with our current legislators, it hasn’t been. It is time to send representatives to Trenton who will fight for our educators, our children’s future depends on it.

Jill Dobrowansky

LD9 Assembly Candidate

Public School Educator


Ryan Young

LD9 Assembly Candidate

US Army Veteran