TRENTON - So many of our local homeowners in the Long Beach Island area have felt an extreme pinch this rental season due to the 11.625% percent tax burden on renting their homes through Air BnB. In 2018, Governor Murphy and the NJ Legislature passed this oppressive tax. 

Bill A4814 (Downey/McKeon) S3851 (Gopal/ Andrzejczak) unanimously passed both the NJ Assembly and Senate in fast action to correct the unintended consequences of the 2018 NJ Transient Tax which left vacationers paying over 11.625% tax on their vacation stays when renting a home directly from a homeowner.

The New Jersey Shore Rentals Coalition is calling for Governor Phil Murphy to correct the Airbnb tax on personal bookings and provide instant tax relief to vacationers renting a shore home directly from a
shore rental homeowner this summer.

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The bill currently sits on Governor Murphy’s desk awaiting his signature to become law. The NJ Shore Rental
Coalition, composed of homeowners who rent direct, has been the driving force behind correcting the law on the century old family vacation tradition.

“Every day that passes with this tax imposed is less money for families to spend while now on vacation at the Shore. The coalition urges Governor Phil Murphy to sign A4814 so that families can come to the shore and rent without having to pay a rental tax.

The Governor can immediately take action to make both this summer rental season more affordable for those vacationing in New Jersey. The Governorshould not wait another moment. Governor Murphy is a strong supporter of tourism and this will help both the renters and small businesses during our short summer season along the shore,” said Denise Payne, President of NJ Shore Rental Coalition.

“This bill was fast tracked through the legislature by overwhelming unanimous vote in both the Assembly and Senate because it is the right thing for the New Jersey tourism economy. Quick action is needed to save what remains of the summer vacation season,” Payne went on to say.

The Coalition recognizes Assemblywoman Joann Downey, and Senators Vin Gopal, John McKeon and Bob Andrzejczak who diligently worked with leadership in moving this bill through the legislature in order to salvage the 2019 summer season for our vacationers.

All New Jersey shore rental owners and vacationers are asked to reach out to Governor Phil Murphy’s office and ask that he immediately sign A4814 by calling (609) 292-6000 or via

Check out these two websites for more information.