STAFFORD, NJ - On Sunday October 16, join in the fight to help one of our own in her battle with cancer at 777 Tattoos (Premium Blend) in Manahawkin. This day will be full of art and love to benefit Mallory McBrien.  

The owners of 777 Tattoos, Ty and Robyn Pallotta have known Mallory and her family since she was a junior in high school. When the couple opened up their tattoo shop in 2004 it only took them less than a year to sell their house in Toms River and move to Manahawkin with their two young sons.

"Our new neighbors were very accepting of our profession and our family" Robyn said, "that family was the Stewarts. Mike, Patti, Raye, Paige and of course Mallory."

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Robyn told us that she's always felt the McBrien/Stewart family to be an extension of her family. "She witnessed my youngest first steps, I helped coach her softball team, she loved my kids like family and when she turned 18 we did her first tattoo." Robyn said her and Ty feel "so fortunate to have seen Mal grow up, become a McBrien and start a family of her own." 

When the Pallotta's got the news that Mallory had cancer, Robyn simply told herself that "Mal was going to beat it and she would resume her normal life in a few months." "We are now well past the few months," Robyn said, "and she isn't cancer free." .

Patti Stewart, Mallory's mom, told the Pallotta's she had an idea to do a fundraiser, "to help Mal and Tim with money to help pay for nannies and little everyday expenses that add up fast."

Robyn said, "That is exactly what this fundraiser is. We aren't dwelling on the cancer that she has, or the medical bills that keep accumulating. This is to help ease the expenses that are never expected, like who is going to watch your small children when you have to work to keep money coming in? And when your friends and family also has to work to support their families?"

Since the Facebook event, A Benefit for Mallory McBrien was created just a few days ago, "the idea has gone from simply doing a few tattoos, to an outpouring of support from the community," she said. 

"Tattoos for Mallory" will be as-is, pre-selected tattoos by the McBrien/Stewart family. They can not be changed or customized in any way including size. This will help the five tattoo artists who have volunteered their time and supplies to tattoo as many people as possible that day. The tattoos will be on a first come, first served basis and will require a $75.00 donation. All proceeds will be going to Mallory and not the artists. The tattoo selections have been finalized and released. Below you can find the selections:

"In stark contrast to tattooing, the BYOB Wine Glass Painting will also take place, but will be by sign-ups only," Robyn said, "Mallory's mom Patti came up with this idea and it is fantastic because I know many people (my own mother included) who want to help support Mal, but won't want a permanent piece of art on their body."

There will be three separate BYOB Wine Glass Painting sessions throughout the day, since each will be limited to 30 people per session. The first session will begin at 12:00 p.m. the following will begin at 2:00 p.m. and the last session will take place at 4:00 p.m.  A $30.00 donation is required along with a reservation. You can reserve your spot by emailing and "they are filling up fast!" Robyn added. 

In addition to the event, Shore Fire Grille will be parking their food truck and serving tacos throughout the day. The event will also include gift basket auctions and a 50/50 drawing. 100% of all proceeds will directly support Mallory and her family. 

If you're interested in donating a basket or gift card you can do so by contacting Kathy Taylor at or (609) 384-2279. So far they have baskets and gift cards from Reynolds, Scissor Sisters, Pangaea, and the Old Causeway, to name a few.