STAFFORD, NJ - Ionized water with attributed health benefits can be made right at home by a device installed by Dependable Environmental Solutions.

“This is a machine that takes normal tap water and creates alkaline, antioxidant water,” explained Mike Mercadante of DES. The Enagic machine creates Kangen Water, what Mercadante believes and what many in the science community say is “the best water you can drink.” “This is FDA and EPA approved. It’s nontoxic. The company is out of Japan; it’s been around since 1974, it’s a multibillion-dollar company selling in 120 countries. And the U.S. is the smallest market,”

Mercadante marveled. That’s because the marketing of bottled water in America is a huge industry. What drinkers of bottled water, and even tap water, in this country don’t know is that much of it is acidic, Mercadante said, proving that in tests given for the public twice a month in his Manahawkin office. More and more people are learning that the ph balance in the blood is very important to good health.

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So the water that goes into the bloodstream should be of a healthy balance. That is just one of the basics behind the merit of alkaline water. “When we’re born, we are born with an alkaline system inside, and as we grow older, through the foods we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, our system becomes acidic,” Mercadante explained. “The blood system wants this alkalinity in it, because in an alkaline system cancer doesn’t thrive, inflammation doesn’t happen, arthritis doesn’t occur.” And dehydration is less prevalent, he added, citing medical evidence.

“In the water that we typically drink from our bottled water and tap water, we receive about 20 percent of that water into the hydration of our bloodstream. Because it’s acidic, it doesn’t make its way into our system; it gets released. “But with alkaline water, we get about 80 percent hydration into our body.

“The great majority of Americans are clinically dehydrated. They don’t know that the water they’re drinking is acidic and it’s not hydrating.” One way to change that is to eat alkalizing foods, which include a lot of organic, fresh fruits and vegetables.

“The other way to do it is to simply drink alkaline water, which will immediately infuse into your body and create an alkaline system inside.” On an acid-alkaline scale of zero to 14, the home-installed device makes water that tests at the 8 to 9 level. The remaining acidic water that comes out of a separate tap after the processing has other possible uses, such as cleaning vegetables.

The device sells for about $1,500 to $4,500, depending on the model. Mercadante described what happens when tap water is processed through the countertop device. “When the water goes in, it goes through a carbon filter and then there are eight platinum plates that are electrified that separate the acid and the alkaline in the water.” Chlorine and fluoride are removed as well.

“The machine actually talks to you and tells you what’s going on.” Other health and environmental benefits are gained. “There are no more plastic bottles, which is a big thing in the United States; we put 63 million bottles of plastic into our environment daily,” Mercadante noted.

Also, the plastic comprising many store-bought bottles contains a chemical known as BPA, which can leach into the water at temperatures over 50 degrees, Mercadante pointed out. “What we use is BPA-free plastic, so that there is no leaching.”

The composition of tap water is a subject too complex to detail here, as each municipality’s pipes are of different age and condition, necessitating adding chlorine, for instance. Suffice to use Mercadante’s words that “the government has standards that they have to be under” as to acceptable parts per million of chemicals, “but as the years have gone by, these standards have raised in parts per million to numbers that are crazy from what they were 10 years ago.”

To invite the public to see for themselves how they feel when they drink the Kangen Water, Dependable Environmental Solutions/Dependable Environmental Protection has set up a water store in the office at 16 Jennings Road, Manahawkin.

“Whatever you’re spending on a monthly basis, you can spend here and get better water,” Mercadante invited. “The company says that three out of five people who do that, buy these machines. “For me, I’m promoting my business by giving people the opportunity to first test the water to see if it makes a difference, and if it does, they can either keep coming to me to get the water, or they can buy a machine.” DES can be reached by phone at 609-290-6513

(This article reprinted by permission of author Maria Scandale of The Sandpaper)