STAFFORD - The Manahawkin area honored Bruce Ciangetti, the "Red Rocker" on Sunday at the Manafirkin Brewing Company site.  The Brewery is located in the rear of the former Red Rocker Record store. 

Music lovers who grew up in the Manahawkin and LBI area in the eighties and nineties regularly shopped at the Red Rocker Record store on East Bay Avenue in Manahawkin. This was back in the day of vinyl records and cassettes.

Bruce's friends came out on Sunday, June 24. The people seemed to have a good time reminiscing and chatting with the "Rocker."

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."Bruce Ciangetti, turned all of us onto awesome music from thrash metal and punk to classic rock and early 90’s grunge," wrote Chris Fritz who worked for the Rocker as a teenager in his store. "Bruce, quite frankly is a music legend in this area." 

Bruce had a strong impact on Chris, who is a longtime Stafford Police officer and a professional musician. You can find Chris sharing his talent performing throughout the LBI area.   

Chris was playing music and Bruce was assisting him on percussion. 

There was a solid turnout as the Manafirkin Brewery was packed.  People perused all outside purchasing many from items from vinyl record vendors. 

“I am actually very pleased.  I wasn’t sure what the reception would be like, but we have a very good turnout, said Chris. . I’m very happy, as much as Bruce thinks this is about him it is about all of us because this whole music which I have been a part of since I was 16, it started with Bruce."






"What can I say, the kind words of so many and everything these guys did to set everything up was just awesome," said the Rocker. "I keep telling them all the time, I was just a guy. I’m just glad that everything is working well.  I want to thank the Manafirkin Brewery, Ian, Chad and this kid right here (as Bruce and Chris hugged each other)."

Delicious food was served by SunnyRae's food truck. A great time was had by all.