STAFFORD - This man is a legend in Stafford Township!  Bruce Ciangetti is primarily known as a music legend, but this writer also recalls him being a great softball and basketball player back in the day. Bruce was always enthusiastic, boisterous and spirited on the court and on the field. That is one part of the man's life.

Another is that he was a long time beloved Dial-A-Ride driver for Stafford Township.

That is all good but Bruce Ciangetti is best known as the "Red Rocker." 

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Music lovers who grew up in the Manahawkin and LBI area in the eighties and nineties regularly shopped at the Red Rocker Records store on East Bay Avenue in Manahawkin. This was back in the day of vinyl records and cassettes.

"Bruce Ciangetti, turned all of us onto awesome music from thrash metal and punk to classic rock and early 90’s grunge," wrote Chris Fritz who worked for the Rocker as a teenager in his store. "Bruce, quite frankly is a music legend in this area." 

Bruce had a strong impact on Chris, who is a longtime Stafford Police officer and a professional musician part time.  You can find Chris sharing his talent performing throughout the LBI area.   

A number of Bruce's friends are planning to honor him this Sunday, June 24 from noon to 6 p.m. behind the Old and New Shop and former site of the legendary Red Rocker record store. There will be a microphone setup and people can share their love and appreciation for the Rocker. The event will be held in and outside the Manafirkin Brewery.

Food will be available for purchase from SunnyRae's food truck. .

Chris and his team of friends are looking forward to the day to honor Bruce and to let him know how appreciated he is here in the Stafford-LBI area from those years at Red Rocker Records.

There will also be original acoustic music performances will take place inside the Manafirkin Brewery. 

Vinyl record vendors from New Jersey have also been invited to set up in the parking lot. 

Vinyl vendors are still welcome to attend free of charge.  Chris can be contacted at