We stand united with all Americans who condemn without exception the terrorist actions of the racists, white supremacists, nazis, KKK members, and white nationalists this weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia and across the United States of America. Domestic terrorism and murder, fueled by pure hatred and bigotry, have no place in our country under any circumstances. The incidents over the weekend are stark reminders that we have a long way to go for our country and her citizens. This is not about political party. This is about human decency, empathy, understanding, and a willingness to work hard to overcome hatred.

We are at a tipping point in our society where we must look to our leaders to be a voice for those deserve to be heard. Leaders who will specifically identify those responsible for the heinous behaviors employed by hate groups. Therefore, we must make our voices heard and hold them accountable for their silence in the face of hate. We must promise ourselves and our children that we will fight with every waking breath to defeat hatred and fight for all that is just and good for our state and our country.

Despite an atmosphere conducive to bigotry, hate, and racism, and silence in the face of domestic terrorism, this country is more than just those who lead us. We can stem the tide by creating communities of love and acceptance. Where judgment is judged and the only thing hated is hatred. Where all people are accepted as they are. Let’s drown out the the silence and hate with love and American values. We must stand together in solidarity with those of us who are willing to do the hard work to overcome hate.

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Ryan Young

US Army Veteran

LD9 Assembly Candidate


Jill Dobrowansky

School Administrator

LD9 Assembly Candidate