SOUTHERN OCEAN COUNTY, NJ -Just about everyone knows that a great number of services are closed during the years of presidential elections. While that's not the case for off-years, you might be surprised to learn that your calls will go answered today if you attempt to reach someone in a governmental agency.

Obviously, it goes without saying that the Ocean County Clerk's Office and the Board of Elections are open to take your election related questions today. If you're having any type of problems when you hit the polls, you'll absolutely want to reach out to them. You can find contact information for the Ocean County Board of Elections here.

Mail delivery remains the same today. That goes for both regular and special deliveries. Also, if you're expecting some packages from Amazon or some other vendor, look about for them. Election Day doesn't serve as an excuse for hold-offs on delivery from other courier services such as United Parcel Services or Federal Express.

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This year's Election Day is regarded as a state holiday for New Jersey state offices. As you most likely can guess, that also means state courts are closed throughout the state. You won't find anyone ready to file documents of any kind.

Meanwhile, those with children in the public school systems in Barnegat and Ocean Township  should already know that kids have the entire week off today. Election Day just happens to coincide with the NJEA Teacher's Convention. Hopefully, those who ventured on vacation took the time to send in mail in ballots.

Library systems throughout Ocean County are also shut down for Election Day. However, the Ocean County Mall and other shopping venues are ready for you to come in and browse and make some early holiday purchases. You may also enjoy going out for some local foodfare after you cast your ballots.

If you know of other businesses closed in honor of this year's election, please let us know, In the meantime, please do your best to research the candidates and vote. Your contribution isn't just what many refer to as a civil duty. It's doing your part to help get people in office who best represent your interests.

Our hats are off to each and every candidate who put themselves out there with a goal of community service. Whether you are victors or not, we at TAPintoStafford-LBI  appreciate your attempts and dedication.. 

At TAPintoStafford-LBI we believe very much in the election process. We can't wait to provide you with at least preliminary results when the polls close!