BEACH HAVEN — The Coronavirus worldwide pandemic has greatly influenced our lives. The Long Beach Island region is trying to get ready to handle the massive influx of vacationers and visitors this summer. 

You can expect a flood of regular visitors from the New York City and Philadelphia region. The airline industry is crippled and people are going on vacation close to home. The crowds will come to Long Beach Island this summer. 

Beach Haven is the most densely populated portion of Long Beach Island. Mayor Nancy Taggart Davis and Borough Council have expressed their desire to offer relief to area businesses. They are to be commended for taking a proactive approach to help. 

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Currently, only take-out is permitted in New Jersey.  That is expected to be lifted by Governor in the near future. 

When the ban is lifted people are going to want to find a place to sit, eat a meal and grab a cocktail. Beach Haven is the epicenter of LBI fun.  Remember that social distancing must be maintained at all times. Area restaurants are only going to be able to serve at 15-25 percent capacity.  Bars and restaurants cannot expect to meet their expenses at those ratios. 

Thankfully, Beach Haven leadership has been planning by looking forward to assisting area businesses, residents and visitors.  TAPinto Stafford-LBI presented information about the Borough's action in a May 9 article titled Beach Haven Opens Beaches and Offers Help to Businesses

Borough leadership encouraged local businesses to come up with a plan and submit their plan to the borough to receive assistance. They have stated a willingness to help in the following ways in this new world order of increased social distancing. 

  • The Borough plans to relax some of their ordinances to help bars, restaurants and small businesses 
  • The Borough is allowing businesses to designate expanded areas for curbside pickup locations. That includes the potential use of public parking spaces and other locations on or near the business site. 
  • The businesses must submit application to the Borough website with an online form that is available for completion. 

Bird and Betty's and their ownership team at the Tide Table Group has come up with a solid plan to help their business succeed this summer in the midst of the virus. So many locals and visitors love their food and drinks. 

A key benefit of this plan and others proposed by other restaurants is that more people can get back to work. There are millions of people in the restaurant industry currently unemployed and suffering greatly. This proposal is a way to get some of our local folks back to work. 

Here is an overview of the Tide Table Group's proposal for Bird and Betty's:

  • Dock Road is an undersized street that separates Bird and Betty's and Parker's Garage, both owned and operated by the Tide Table Group.  The owners are requesting that Dock Road be closed to auto traffic between those two restaurants as a way to increase the seating capacity for Bird and Betty's.
  • It is only a small area of Dock Road that would be closed and emergency vehicles would still have plenty of space to maneuver the streets.  The owners will ensure that the space stays safe and enjoyable for all. 
  • The Tide Table Group is requesting a temporary expansion of Bird and Betty's license due to current social distancing restrictions.

Bird and Betty's will present their proposal to the Borough Council on Wednesday, May 20 at 4 p.m.  The public is allowed to participate via zoom meeting, the information about that can be found on Beach Haven's website at











The Magaziner, Nugent and Burris families have developed many wonderful restaurants in the region. If approved this promises to be a positive addition to Beach Haven considering the impact of the coronavirus.

The Tide Table Group has a plan, we will find out Wednesday if it is accepted by the Borough leadership. 

Please remember that this is all contingent on Governor Murphy lifting the restrictions on bars and restaurants.