TOMS RIVER, NJ - Marjorie Catone, a client and friend of Christina Ha of Peaceful Birth NJ shared with us her experience with Christina and her Hypnobirthing classes. 

Catone is an RN and has been for the past 13 years. She has worked at Jersey Shore UMC in the CardioVascular ICU for 12 years and now works at Integrative Health and Medicine as a nurse health coach.

Marjorie is currently preparing to give birth to her third child any day now. 

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Marjorie shared with us how learning Hypnobirthing with Christina Ha of Peaceful Birth NJ has been helping her prepare to birth her third child naturally with a midwife. 

“Christina Ha reached out to me through a local Mom's group on Facebook after I lost my son, Nicholas in May of 2017 suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of just 20 months,” Catone said. 

“We began messaging back and forth and before I knew it I was pregnant and expecting my 3rd baby, my rainbow baby in November 2018 (any day now).”

Christina started talking to Marjorie about "Hypnobirthing" and what it is all about.

The timing of the classes just weren’t going to meet her schedule, so Christina was kind enough to come to her.

“She sent me the Hypnobirthing book which I began to read immediately,” Marjorie told us, “with my sudden and unexpected loss, my life and outlook changed forever. I knew I wanted to do things differently this time around and felt a natural birth was calling me.”

Marjorie decided to change providers this time around and started seeing midwives for her prenatal care.

“I found that at the traditional OB I had been going to for years was not as educated or supportive of my endeavors to have a natural birth, which is extremely unfortunate,” she said.

Christina Ha of Peaceful Birth NJ began to teach and educate Marjorie on Hypnobirthing throughout her pregnancy.

“I truly enjoyed learning the backbone of birthing and the history of women naturally giving birth with little or no pain.” Catone said.

”I also used this time to heal myself on a spiritual level and truly enjoyed the deep relaxation and meditative state it brought me. I love that this class was self paced and I was able to read when I could find the time and listen to the relaxation tracks in the evening as the day unwinded.”

Marjorie feels better prepared to give birth this time around than during her previous pregnancies. 

She said:

“It amazes me that the only other program I knew about during my last 2 pregnancies was a traditional ‘lamaze class.’ I truly think this integral program should be offered routinely to every woman within childbearing age. After completing this, I feel there is no other way to bring your baby into this world then through the techniques and therapies I learned in Hypnobirthing. I am truly looking forward to birthing my baby, more than ever before thanks to Christina and Hypnobirthing.”

Peaceful Birth NJ is starting another 5-week Hypnobirthing class this Sunday November 11 and will take place for 5 consecutive weeks with class beginning at 10 a.m. and ending at 1 p.m. every Sunday through December 9. 

For more information and to register please visit: