LBI is my happy place. This is my 45th year on the island, and I am disheartened, discouraged and sickened to see the amount of trash littering the streets, sidewalks, beaches and shopping carts, left in parking spaces (that's a new one) and scattered all over public areas. Please be considerate and put your garbage and recycling in the receptacles that are literally everywhere. And if you can't handle doing that, stay home. I would estimate 90% of the litter is intentionally left there, not blown out of trash bins or garbage trucks or picked apart by seagulls; I’m finding up beer bottles stuck in flower planters, Styrofoam ice cream cups left on benches, masks in grocery store carts.

And if you see a crazy lady wearing gloves and picking up your trash every morning (that would be me) and ask her why she’s doing it, she’ll say “It’s not my garbage, but it’s my island. And because your kids are watching. “