First graders had the time of their lives on February 15th on the 100th day of School! The first grade participated in so many fun events!

First graders in Ms. Schwarzenbek’s class said that their favorite part was when they hunted for 100 plastic eggs, dropped 100 balloons, and lastly, when they sorted 100 objects into groups.   

During the plastic egg hunt, the first graders searched for hidden eggs, each containing a different question about what they learned so far in first grade. For example: write two describing words and what happens when you change the order of the addends in addition. The kids answered the questions as they thought hard and had a fun time.

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In a different part of the celebration for Ms. Schwarzenbek’s class, balloons dropped. The balloons started off on the ceiling in a bag. Then a string was pulled and the balloons fell all over the kids! They all felt “a surprising rush of excitement” as the balloons fell from the ceiling. They also got to play with the balloons before the next activities.7

Another favorite activity was when they divide 100. The teacher split up the class into groups. The groups choose 100 of an object. For example, buttons, paper clips, stickers, etc. They found seven different ways to get 100! I think we can all say, “Good job, first graders!”

In the end, a first grader even said, It was “the best day of school because it was so exciting!”  The kids can now enjoy the year as it lasts and as more memories are made. Why do we celebrate the 100th Day of School? Because it’s a milestone for first graders! Now they are 100 days smarter.

Grace C. Thatch is a Fourth Grader at Summit's Franklin Elementary School.