Inspired by Ellen DeGeneres' "One Million Acts of Good" challenge, students in The Connection’s AfterSchool program at Jefferson Elementary School celebrate their 100th act of kindness.

The students learned what kindness looks like, how it feels, and how a small act can change things for the better. To reach their goal of 100 acts of kindness, the children made Valentines’ Day cards for senior citizens, made warm weather packages for the homeless, complemented other students, pitched in to clean a mess without being asked, recognized when their classmates were upset -- going out of their way to cheer them up -- and more. 

“We realized that just talking about being kind was not enough,” said Alyssa Roncallo, AfterSchool Site Director at Jefferson. “We wanted to show them how their actions affect others, so we were on the look-out for kind acts”. To receive a kindness heart, a teacher had to see a studetn go above and beyond. They would then write it down on a heart and post it on the student's cabinet for all to see.

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When the class reached their goal they cheered -- and immediately challenged themselves to increase their impact and go for 200.

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