Dear Neighbors,
I began my campaign by listening to you as I knocked on more than two thousand of your doors and spoke to you at community events and meetings.  The message I heard time and again was that you are very happy to live in and be part of the Summit community.  Nevertheless, you raised concerns about pedestrian safety, speeding traffic, the high school, high taxes, rising County taxes, emergency preparedness, electric grid improvements, lack of parking standardization, unfriendliness of the parking gates, uncertainty with the Merck property, the helipad, and building permit timing.    
So let’s devote a section of our City’s website to address these issues—background, decisions made, progress, evaluation.  How about a series of civic presentations on subjects like revaluation, COAH, how our city and county government is organized, what to expect if you plan to renovate and go through the building permit process?  Let’s post goals and accomplishments each year for the City and each of its committees and commissions.  
The more we engage our residents, the better our community will become.
I want to be the person you know who to call if you have a question, a concern or a suggestion.  I am approachable.  I am a good listener, and I listen with an open mind and an open heart.
This is the time for new ideas and a new voice on Council. I ask for your vote so that, come this fall, there will be a different Sandy storming through Summit!
Thank you.
Sandra Lizza
Republican Candidate,
Summit Common Council, Ward II