Put lightly 2020 has and continues to be a year of considerable change for our nation, state, and city. We can however more confidently navigate the uncertainty by supporting leaders proven capable of rising to the occasion.

One such local leader who has earned my support and vote in November is Eileen Kelly. 

Eileen is a fellow Colgate graduate, experienced professional woman, and passionate booster for our community. Her energy, intellect, and optimistic vision is apparent the first time you meet her. Eileen is a leader that understands Summit and can help constructively shape its future.

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Eileen has worked in financial, operational, and strategic roles in the consumer products and technology industries and currently serves as the Director of Finance & Integration at Refinitiv. She has experience working globally and lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina as an economic analyst for Unilever. In 2015 she launched her own travel app, Wing it. Her considerable corporate and entrepreneurial experience would serve us well as we look for innovative ways to lower the property tax burden by seeking out responsible budget savings.

More recently I saw Eileen jump into action as COVID threatened the lives of our residents and caused great harm to our local businesses, Eileen did not hesitate to step in, listen, and address real problems - both big and small - that helped keep our seniors safe, community connected, and cherished small businesses open. It’s a rare quality for someone to ask the right questions, propose solutions, and take action but this is the Eileen Kelly I have come to know and admire.

I will proudly be voting Eileen Kelly, a Republican, for Council this November and encourage you to lend your support as well. With leaders like Eileen working hard on our behalf the future for Summit is undeniably bright.

Amy Everett DiSibio