It was the famous science fiction writer Philip Dick who aptly said: "Reality denied comes back to haunt."

The landslide victory by the three Democrats yesterday in our great city of Summit was reflective of an underlying dissatisfaction in big things and small. It was the dissatisfaction in a lackluster leadership that denied our middle class easy access to full day kindergarten, thus allowing too many of our children to fall between the cracks, and our real estate values to lag behind our peer communities that have had FDK for decades.
It was an inability to manage our contractors and thus the repairs of our infrastructure at more convenient times -- almost as if our hapless City Council were purposefully shoving traffic jams into the face of the taxpayer. 
It was also the ill conceived support of an antiquated parking garage that would have been an unsightly and useless dinosaur in months, not years, costing us more than we spend on most of our school programs. Finally, it was, sadly, the disingenuousness of a Council that was truly tone deaf to the needs of the greater community. 
Yes, it was all of those things, and more. Summit citizens are smart, and they listen and watch, but what outraged them the most was our incumbents' lack of transparency, all the while innocently preaching to us that the status quo is good and just, and that it will always be good and just. Even more astonishing was their naive expectation that they would be anointed, once more, with a game plan based on something from a Mad Men episode.
Just because you stop believing in reality, and fabricate a Lake Woebegone illusion, doesn't make reality go away. We're way too smart for that. 
A great city like Summit is always introspective, and constantly reflects on what can be improved. We will, and must always, look deeply into the future. We can do that together, including those who have lost. They, too, are just as dedicated as the rest of us in making Summit better, and we will need their involvement.
We now have new energetic leadership. Summit has spoken very loudly, and I think I actually see a community coming together. 
George Lucaci
Editor's Note: George Lucaci is the First Vice Chair of the Summit Municipal Democratic Committee.