A quote from Albert Einstein

“We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

Summit’s annual goal setting meeting provides useful insight into the thinking that both created problems and how they may be solved. The challenges are well known. A need for high quality services in an environment of declining budgets and rising costs. What guidance does the public give to City leadership? First let’s consider the not so obvious barriers. The public relies on a city administration that is in control of the supply of services. The policies and procedures that guide them may well be inadequate to address public needs in today’s economic environment. Reducing head-count will likely produce a claim that a loss of people means a loss services. This should not be accepted as fact. Taxpayer funded services should be held to a very high standard of performance as is found in business. In business, if you don’t innovate and produce high levels of productivity you don’t survive. Is it time for the public to ask the elected body to push for game-changing improvements? A time to consolidate programs, change ordinances and eliminate red tape. A time to get independent measurements of City performance and productivity. A time to create a better balance between the protection of public interest and support for market-based free enterprise.

A time for leaders to act.