SUMMIT, NJ - Saying that the slew of recent shootings -- which have claimed the lives civilians, police, and other law enforcement officers, and left many wounded -- leaves him "speechless as to why this lack of compassion and value of life continues," Summit Police Chief Robert Weck has reached out, in a letter, to members of the Mayor's Forum on Diversity and the Summit Common Council.

Weck wrote that, "All of us have worked hard and together throughout the past four years (and before that) to further strengthen the relationships between the congregations, the citizens and the officers of our police department. I say "our" police department, because I truly believe that we all are one team and have the same mission; to make the City of Summit the safest and most intertwined cohesive community we can, and we have, but there is always more work that can be done."
Weck encouraged continued communication and dialogue by going on to state that, "My door is always open and if you and or members of your congregation need or want to discuss anything that can continue to bring us together as one, please do not hesitate to contact me at anytime. There may be some tough discussions, but as long as we are communicating, we are already ahead of the curve."