SUMMIT, NJ - Karen O'Connell and her neighbors on Prospect Street in Summit awoke on April 1 -- universally known as "April Fools' Day" -- to find a series of lawn signs informing them of happenings, specific events they were not aware had been scheduled.

At their homes.

For example, O’Connell wasn’t aware that she was having a "Happy Hour Garage Sale" at 4 p.m. that day until she read the sign mysteriously placed on her front lawn.

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The other perplexing and outrageous lawn signs on Prospect included a sign indicating "Jeep for Cheap" placed on the Leiter family's Jeep.

The Leiter's have no intention of selling their red Jeep.

The Gangi family learned that Owen, their beloved pet pig, is apparently up for sale, “pig pen included,”  and Lynne and Brian Clapp -- just finishing up their renovations -- discovered that they have put their home up for sale with an open house happening at 4 p.m. , according to lawn signs.

Neighbors are debating the identity of "The Prankster of Prospect Street," who has taken the concept of "April Fools' Day" to new level.

And Owen can relax, he and his home are not up for sale.