Thanks to the efforts of the Recycling Advisory Committee chaired by Marjorie Fox and a grant from the Summit Area Public Foundation, food composting is coming to Summit.  This will be a two year pilot program run at  Summit High School.  I am told by Paul Cascais, head of the City’s Department of Public Works, that it is the wave of the future due to decreasing landfill space and it is a tool to divert waste out of the waste stream and turn it into a reusable product.

Since food prep is concentrated at the High School and Middle School it is expected to capture 90% of  school food waste. If successful, the program can be expanded to include the private schools.  One of the bigger companies in town has had a program in place for over a year.

San Francisco has been the model for the nation.  Currently 300 other cities participate.  The food grown with compost added to the soil has no chemical fertilizers and is packed with nutrients. 

It is entirely possible that thanks to the generosity of the SAPF and the RAC, their pioneering efforts may result in the opportunity for the City to offer household food composting at some point in the near future.

Thanks for your time,

Ellen Dickson
Candidate for Mayor