SUMMIT, NJ - Competing in a field comprised of 51 schools, the Summit High School Speech and Debate Team emerged victorious, winning the First Place Sweepstakes trophy at the Ridge High School national circuit tournament.

By virtue of their performances and finishes, several Hilltopper finalists earned berths in the Tournament of Champions, which will be held at the University of Kentucky this coming April, as well as in the New Jersey State Championship set for March.

Finalists included:

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(TOC) - qualified for the Tournament of Champions

(NJC) - Qualifi​​ed for the New Jersey State Championship Tournament

Duo Interpretation

Iain Alvidrez and Tim Erday - sixth place (TOC and NJC)

Junior Varsity Public Forum Debate

Pierce Baldacci and Lucas Hawkins - second place (NJC)


Nia King - fifth place (NJC)

Dramatic Interpretation

Harry Saroff - first place (TOC and NJC)

Kimberly Lee - second place (TOC and NJC)

Jayson Cahillane, Josh Daley, Bella Avelino, Caroline Abut - Semifinalists

Novice Honors Round:

Jayson Cahillane - first place

Josh Daley - second place

Bella Avelino - third place

Humorous Interpretation

Harry Saroff - first place (TOC and NJC)

Beatrice Halper - sixth place (TOC and NJC)

JJ Stewart - Semifinalist

Novice Honor Round:

Zack Silberstein - third place

Impromptu Speaking

Ethan Zucker - second place (NJC)

Kathleen Landis - Semifinalist

Novice Honors Round:

Kathleen Landis - second place

Improvisational Acting

Michael Polivko - third place (NJC)

Beatrice Halper - Semifinalist

Informative Speaking

Ryan Colon - second place  (TOC and NJC)

Alisha Kewalramani - fourth place (TOC and NJC)

Ethan Zucker - Semifinalist

Oral Interpretation

Caroline Abut - second place (NJC)

Elizabeth Maloney, Juliet Huneke - Semifinalists

Original Oratory

Alisha Kewalramani - fourth place (TOC and NJC)

Ryan Colon - seventh place (TOC and NJC)

Rena Gabber - Semifinalist

Novice Honor Round:

Kathleen Landis - first place

Rena Gabber - second place

Program Oral Interpretation

Kimberly Lee - first place (TOC and NJC)

Annie Milsten - third place (TOC and NJC)

Maddie Lumelleau - sixth place (TOC and NJC)

Juliet Huneke - Semifinalist