Franklin Elementary School students are prepping up their paint brushes and getting ready to paint!  Students Create items from crazy impressive paintings to detailed drawings.  Art club allows them to express their creativity and interests into BEAUTIFUL, projects!  When they sign up for the club they can join the endless fun. They  get to stay in with Mrs Bruns or Mrs Bass for recess and lunch to join the fun!  Art club is a great opportunity for all Franklin Elementary school students to express their feelings and emotions into masterpieces!

Art club happens every Friday, 3rd and 5th grade are the lucky grades that can experience this amazing opportunity!  They bring their lunch and munch it up, they get to put their creative thinking caps on!  The projects are mindblowing!  From painting with oil pastels on animal shaped wax paper to making useful mini notebooks!  Art club is not just about drawing.  It’s also about creativity and passion.  When the students sign up, it proves to Mrs. Bruns and Mrs. Bass that they are willing to use their passion, creativity and patience into inspiring, art projects.

Art Club is very inspiring to many Franklin Students which is why they join Art Club.  Mrs Bruns is in charge of the 3rd grade Art club and Mrs Bass runs the 5th grade Art Club.  About 20 Franklin students participate in the 3rd grade Art Club.  Mrs Bruns said that, “the purpose of Art Club is to give the kids who love art more time to make crafts and pictures.”  She also mentioned that one popular project is a witch that the students draw.  Some examples of creative art projects that the Franklin Students do are animal shaped wax papers, helpful origami booklets and fake cactuses.  Mrs Bruns said that she saw many pictures of Art Club on websites and thought it was a wonderful idea.    

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Without Mrs Brun’s and Mrs Bass’s fantastic idea to create Art Club the Franklin Elementary Students would not be encouraged to see art in a new, different, creative and inspiring way.  But, thanks to Mrs Bruns and Mrs Bass the Franklin Students can see art in a new light!!!

Judy Elserty is a Fourth Grader at Franklin Elementary School.