SUMMIT, NJ - In a scene from the classic Broadway musical "42nd Street", veteran -- and notorious -- Director Julian Marsh tells young, hopeful actress Peggy Sawyer, "Just look at yourself - a speck of dust on this stage, indistinguishable from the forty other specks of dust I put there."  Sawyer replies, "But put all those specks together, you have something alive and beautiful that can reach out to a thousand people we've never seen before."

Perhaps it is just a coincidence that the Summit High School (SHS) Auditorium seats just about 1,000 people.  And, in reality, a good portion of the audience will be comprised of folks the performers are actually very familiar with, be it family or friends.  The "alive and beautiful" part?  That will not be coincidental, or in question, as the acclaimed, and immensely talented, Summit High School Performing Arts program brings the Tony Award-winning musical "42nd Street" to glorious life, March 5-8 at the SHS Auditorium.

Audiences should get ready, in the words of Summit High School Performing Arts Director Anne Poyner, "to have a great time - there is nothing more fun than watching tap."

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The show is a big, bold tap-dancing extravaganza.  Set in 1933, this classic musical celebrates the stuff dreams are made of.  A loving tribute to Broadway and the people who live it, "42nd Street" is a show the entire family will love featuring musical hits such as: "We're In the Money," "Lullaby of Broadway," "Shuffle Off to Buffalo" and "42nd Street."   Performances are Wednesday and Thursday, March 5 & 6 at 6:00 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, March 7 & 8 at 7:30 p.m.  

The production presents challenges for Poyner and her student cast and crew of more than 130.  Tap training began in September and, due to the intense synchronicity of the dance numbers, performers have to think, act, and perform as a unit, which requires a dose of restraint compared to other productions.  The sheer spectacle, size, and physicality of "42nd Street" was evident at rehearsals, where a kinetic energy filled the Auditorium as production numbers were run through, and sets were readied and tweaked.

Senior Allison Scott, who plays Sawyer, says, "This is the best time of the year.  There is nothing like your Senior show, and everyone in the production is excited."  She admits her only nerves come from the scale and intricacy of the show from a technical standpoint, but that the months of training and rehearsal will pay dividends for cast, crew, and -- ultimately -- the audience.

The show's cast of includes:

Keenan Buckley (Julian Marsh)

Allison Scott (Peggy Sawyer)

Dana Goodstein (Dorothy Brock)

Greg Archer (Billy Lawlor)

Matt Greenstein (Abner Dillon)

Elise Molleur (Maggie Jones)

Jack LeGoff (Bert Barry)

Louisa Fowler (Lorraine Flemming) 

Will Elia (Andy Lee)

Will Berkery (Pat Denning)

Claire Fitzpatrick (Ann Reilly)

Isabelle Sacks (Phyllis Dale)

Maggie Rogers (Diane Lorimer)

Anne Borzner (Ethel)

Keller Gordon (Oscar / Doctor)

Matt McGinn (Mac)

Aidan Proshuto (Frankie)

Matt Wilson (Young Man with Clipboard)

Drew Schwendiman, Sean McManus (Waiters)

Imogen Terrett (Pickpocket / Thief)

Andrew Aguilera, Keegan McManus (Two Thugs)

The production staff includes:

Anne Poyner (Director)

Steve Rapp (Musical Director)

Wayne Mallette (Vocal Director)

Kelly Mott-Sacks (Choreographer)

Katherine Winter (Costume Mistress)

Jim Poyner (Technical Director)

Christie McGinn (Volunteer Coordinator)

Travis McHale (Set & Lighting Designer)

Will Lycan (Student Technical Director)

Ellie Winter (Student Director)

Ryan McDonald (Stage Manager)

Maddy Ashmun and Liam Dwyer (Assistant Stage Managers)

Katherin Recio (Assistant Student Director)

Kayleigh Fowler and Elizabeth Wilson (Costume Crew Heads)

Isabelle Sacks and Drew Schwendiman (Dance Captains)

Trevor Ashmun (Lighting Crew Head)

Peter Gangi (Sound Crew Head)

Sydney Giusto (Properties Crew Head)

Haley Coates and Zoe Patrick (Hair & Make-up Crew Heads)

The Saturday, March 8, performance is already sold-out, but tickets remain for the March 5-7 shows.  Priced at $12 for students (high school and younger) and senior citizens (65 and above), and $15 for adults, tickets will be sold at the SHS lobby Box Office on the following dates and times:

March 1, from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

March 3 - 4, from 6:30 - 8 p.m.
Opening Night March 5 and March 6, from 5 - 6 p.m.
March 7 - 8, from 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.
In addition, ticket sales will occur at SHS lunches Tuesday-Friday of show week, and at Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School on March 4 - 5.  A ticket order form can be downloaded at, and mailed, with tickets available at Will Call the night of the show (in the SHS lobby).

In the event that patrons may donate back previously purchased tickets for the sold-out March 8 performance, persons wishing to attend are encouraged to arrive at the High School as early as possible on March 8 in order to get in line to purchase any of these tickets.  While there is no guarantee that tickets will become available, past history suggests that a limited quantity may exist.

Group rates are available.  For ticket information, call the SHS Ticket information hotline at 908 / 918-2122, or visit