Summit has been a great place to live. It has a high performing school system, clean and safe streets, an attractive park system, recreation alternatives, a responsive fire and police department, and a viable retail district - all brought to you by people.

Summit is known for its high level of volunteerism. Unfortunately, the people I refer to are not volunteers. They are the dedicated, salaried employees. Recent council meetings would make one think that our public employees are enemies of the public and that the jobs they perform are not deemed important - not important enough for them to earn the respect of those in the community who rely on their services.

So I say to Summit residents beware of what's to come when crossing guards disappear, the fire truck does not arrive, or the police are not able to get to you quickly because our council members told us to call the County. Beware when the streets and parks become more littered, the pool closes early, library hours are cut, and potholes increase in number.

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Our Council has discounted the value of our public employees and discounted the opinions of many, many Summit residents who chose to move here, knowing what they were paying for.

Our community as we know it is in jeopardy. Beware - we might just get what we are paying for…or what council has chosen not to pay for.