Do you wish you could travel back in time to see our world hundreds of years ago  just one special time? Now, the Franklin students can experience the games, foods, and crafts the colonial children did! From the sweet smell of perfectly baked cookies to tea and a  dance, fourth grade students join together for an “olden days” celebration that will bring out the past  for our generation’s students and teachers. Franklin is in for a cool and amazing treat!  This school holiday is to retracted the 1780’s for all the children and teachers.  This fun comes from the  games, costumes, arts and crafts. It’s definitely worth it!

Imagine the ring spinning and turning through the air. Crash! The ring spins around and around the bottle! On the other side of the field, races go on.  People play fun and exciting games, like they were in the 1700’s!  Kids wait in lines smiling and laughing.  Around, you can see kids playing bean bag toss, chopsticks, egg toss, and even jump rope!  The teachers walk around making sure everything go swiftly. The Franklin Elementary students also learned that some of the games that the colonial children played are similar to some games that we have today.

“This year’s poetry was so much fun! There wasn’t one moment where a kid wasn’t smiling,” Says Laura Bauhs, head of arts and crafts!  Kids in this station will design and create they own special piece!  Kids make beautiful candles, with clay!

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Costumes fill the halls as the bell rings. The usually the girls wear a cap, a gown, a apron and stockings. They also wear buckled shoes. The mostly the boys were a wig, a waistcoat, a normal coat, a hat, stockings and buckled shoes. Everyone is wearing different clothes that when you look at  your friend, you sometimes don’t recognize them!  The present world is a lot different from the past and the kids at Franklin school are very lucky. The students realize this in a flash!

In the cafeteria, dances are going on. The children are paired up randomly, the music goes on and they begin their dance. They learn how to do the old fashion steps.  After, they are delighted by sugar cookie, tea, and other foods from the past! The kids are presented by a tea party! “The tea party was very fun to watch,”  States Dr. Chestnut, a teacher that has been doing Franklin school Colonial day for 6 years!

“Not only do we learn about the interesting customs and ways of living in the past, we have fun interacting and learning creative skills,”  Lexie M. states. This event was a joy to everyone.  We all owe thanks to the PTO, teachers, and volunteer parents.

Sasha Bauhs is a Fourth Grader at Franklin Elementary School.