SUMMIT, NJ - According to a report by Chief Lucid of the Summit Police Department that was shared with parents by Superintendent Nathan Parker on Monday night, maintenance personnel discovered an unspent bullet on a carpet in a classroom located in Franklin School in Summit.  

The report states, in part, "There is no indication at all that anyone other than school staff and students had been in the building nor is there any indication that any firearm had been used in or around the building."  Chief Lucid continues, "...It is important to note that at no time has any student or staff member been put into any danger.  Additionally, all steps are being taken to identify the source of the cartridge." 

The report concludes, "The purpose of this alert is to ensure you are aware of the incident and to reinforce all safety precautions with any family members, adult or children, who may come into contact with any firearms within their homes."

Anyone with additional questions or information about the incident are asked to contact the Summit Police Department