Through a chilly and steady downpour, five very fit women from The Bar Method of Summit recently spent their evening helping people less fortunate, on a Bridges Outreach visit to a new destination outside Penn Station, New York.  The group talked with and handed out soup and sandwiches and other basic necessities to a grateful group of people who are homeless.  Despite the harsh weather, the volunteers lifted the spirits of the approximately 25 people who gathered there.

The outreach visit (Run) also marked a new partnership between The Bar Method of Summit and Bridges, in which the workout studio committed to a regular schedule of Runs and food, clothing and toiletry drives to support Bridges. 

Prior to the Run, ten Bar Method instructors, including studio owners Angie Comiteau and Jen Hedrick, made and packaged 75 brown bag lunches.  Later that day, five Bar Method members made the drive to outside Penn Station, where they handed out lunches and other necessities to homeless New Yorkers.  “It was the first time that Bridges had been to this location.  Within minutes, though, people came by and started lining up.  The people we met were so polite and grateful, “recalled Angie.  “It was a humbling and heartwarming experience; it felt good to give directly to people in need.  We made a real connection with the people we were helping,” added Jen.

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“The Bar Method has been very supportive of Bridges for years.” said Dan RosenHanst, Bridges Volunteer Coordinator. “We’re very excited about The Bar Method of Summit’s commitment to Bridges; it will allow us to help more people in need.”

The Bar Method is a powerful exercise format merging the principles of interval training, isometrics, dance conditioning and physical therapy, creating a long, lean sculpted body, improved posture and strong core.  The workout studio is located in Summit, New Jersey.  For more information, visit The Bar Method’s website at

Founded in 1988, Bridges reaches out to the homeless in New York City, Newark, Irvington, and Summit, New Jersey every week.  This year, Bridges has served 21,000 people, up 8 percent from the prior year.    Over 2,000 volunteers helped deliver over 63,000 brown bag meals, served over 49,000 cups of beverages, gave 10,000 pairs of new socks and underwear, and provided 1000 new backpacks to children in need.

 Bridges also runs Project Connect in Newark, NJ, which offers case management services that link homeless people to health and social services to lead to a healthier life and, ultimately, housing.  The ID program assists clients in obtaining state photo IDs, essential to obtaining social service benefits, a job, or even a shelter bed. 

For more information, please refer to Bridges’ website at