We believe that most of us have a drawer or two full of brushes from who knows when.  Knowing which brushes are designed to achieve the style you want may help you clean out those drawers and downsize to a few brushes that can get the job done right!

Lets start with the basics.  A PADDLE brush is great for detangling and blow drying large sections of hair at a time.  If you are choosing to use this brush to detangle hair either wet or dry, always work from ends to roots to eliminate any breakage.  If you are choosing to blow dry your hair with a paddle brush, remember to point your blow dryer down while drying the hair to eliminate frizz and enhance shine.

For smooth, with a hint of bend or curl is the look you are after, choose a ceramic round brush with synthetic bristles that will lightly detangle the hair while drying it and are user friendly by grabbing the hair with ease while wrapping around the barrel.  Depending on how straight or wavy you want your hair will determine on the size of the barrel you choose. The bigger the barrel, the straighter the hair.  Keep in mind however if your hair is very curly at the root, you may need a smaller brush at the root area to start to get closer to the scalp to smooth out the curl before switching to a bigger brush.  Wooden brushes with boar bristles are a bit more healthy for your hair because the barrel of the brush does not overheat, however, drying techniques are relied upon to maximize results.

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If you are one of the lucky ones who do not have textured, frizzy hair and are just looking for a good, simple brush to give you a little lift with smooth results, the old faithful Denman brush should be in your ownership.  Vented brushed can also be used for hair type such as this, but while offering a quick blow dry, a more untamed look will be your result.

And in the non brush category, a wide tooth comb is good to keep in the shower to distribute conditioner through your ends evenly, and a MUST HAVE for curly-haired gals!

Having the correct brush/tools can ease your hairstyling routine, and aid in having you achieve the results you want, so pick the brush that is right for the look you are after and ditch what you don't need anymore! It will make some room for some new products of
Summit's newest salon, Salon Capelli, is not really new -- it just feels that way!

Salon Capelli, formerly Clips of Summit, is an upscale, modern salon that strives to bring our clients the very best and highest quality hair design, ensuring every valued client leaves happy. 
Our goal is to provide a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere where everyone's inner beauty can shine.
Salon Capelli's ownership team are not really new either, with Lori Solomine and Jodi Smith combining to offer more than three decades of service to customers at the location -- have assumed ownership.
Our services now include Hair, Nails, Facials, Massage, Spa, Bridal and more. Men, and kids are a big part of our customer base, and always welcome at the salon, which is located at 447 Springfield Avenue. For complete operating hours, give Lori or Jodi a call at 908-598-9600, or visit saloncapellisummit.com.