Calvary Episcopal Church is hosting a Blood Drive on Wednesday, June 23, 2010, with the Red Cross Blood Services, Penn-Jersey Region. The Drive will be held in the Parish Hall, 31 Woodland Ave., Summit, from 2- 8 pm. In the summer there are more traumatic accidents requiring blood yet fewer donors. This is yet another reason, besides knowing how great the need always is, to consider donating blood at this time.

Almost everyone weighing over 110 pounds and in good health, is able to donate blood. A recent development, 16 years olds with their parents permission may now donate, and there is no upper age limit. Citizens are urged to come and benefit from the mini physical exam each prospective donor receives and enjoy the warm hospitality of the Red Cross and Calvary volunteers, in a cool place. One may call Mr. or Mrs. Packer at 908 277- 6773 or Calvary Church, 908 277-1814, to make an appointment. Drop-ins are welcome.