July 1, 2013


Dear Editor;

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The recent home invasion in Millburn is a terrible reminder that it can and does happen here.   In fact, we are now learning other break ins likely occurred.  When my family moved to Summit in 1958, people on occasion did not lock their front doors and often left their car keys in their ignition.  Crime is on the rise virtually everywhere.   Check the Summit Police Blotter.   And we have less police officers today than we have in the recent past.

I am proud of our great Summit Police Department. I chaired Summit’s Safety Committee for four years.   I was honored by the Summit Local Policeman’s Benevolent Association by their endorsement 2 years ago.   I was the first and only candidate to ever be endorsed by them.

We all need to be alert and vigilant.   You have heard the phrase, “If you see something, say something.”  Please abide by it.   The first responders, police, fire and our first aid squad all would rather answer a call that proved harmless, than not be called only to discover they were truly needed.

You can be certain that if I am elected to my former Ward 2 Council Seat, I will work diligently to ensure the needs of our First Responders are met to keep us safe and secure.


Mike Vernotico

Democratic Candidate, Summit Common Council - Ward 2