Individuals who are caring for a parent, significant other or a distant relative, also referred to as family caregivers, often experience feelings of frustration, doubt, anxiety and/or guilt. These feelings, whether temporary or consistent, can vary from individual to individual and may lead to a sense of being overwhelmed and neglecting one’s own health. In an effort to reduce such occurrences, Christine M. Valentin, a geriatric social worker in private practice, offers a monthly support group in Summit, NJ and NYC.

"Counseling individuals about what next steps to take, educating families about various safety issues, and providing individuals with a forum to express how they feel are crucial to reducing the amount of stress that an individual or family can experience without adequate knowledge and support." says Valentin.

"I generally receive calls after major holidays like Mother's Day, from adult children who suddenly realize Mom is no longer capable of managing the house or Dad needs help with his finances.” Valentin said. She further explained how individuals and families generally wait until they are in a crisis situation before reaching out for help; generally meaning they are already experiencing the physical, emotional and social toll of being a caregiver. "Going to a support group is a great way to get educated about various resources/options and most of all, to have a place to vent - something many family caregivers need to do every so often."  

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Hosted and facilitated by Valentin, the Family and Friend Caregiver Support group meets monthly for one hour. Individuals who are caring for or concerned about a spouse, significant other, friend or older adult are welcome to attend for free. Meetings focus on attendees expressing their worries and frustrations, obtaining support and reducing feelings of isolation. For information about upcoming support group meetings, visit or contact Ms. Valentin at

Christine M. Valentin is a licensed clinical social worker licensed in New Jersey and New York. She specializes in anxiety, depression and counseling family members who are concerned about an older adult, spouse or significant other. Her offices are located in Downtown Summit and in the Wall Street area of New York City.