In the last few months, our City Clerk, Fire Chief, City Administrator, Treasurer, and Director of Community Services have all stepped down. Summit has been incredibly fortunate to have had these professionals who enabled us to have a safe, clean and well-run city, with an admirable and all-important AAA Bond rating. These city officials are the ones who maintain not just our quality of life in Summit, but also our property values.

The simultaneous departure of so many seasoned professionals presents both challenges and opportunities for the Mayor and Common Council.

The opportunity that arises in this situation is one for learning. When five key city officials step down in the same short time frame, there are hard questions to be asked. Are there changes or improvements that need to be implemented at City Hall, for example?

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The challenge will be to find and hire highly qualified, experienced individuals who are also able to work together well as a team. Thus far, excellent internal candidates have been tapped for the positions of City Clerk and Fire Chief.

This leaves three crucial positions to be filled, in particular that of City Administrator, whose responsibilities touch every aspect of our community. City Hall has enjoyed a reputation for running efficiently and professionally. We must ensure that our next group of city officials can do the same, and our hiring process must reflect this important goal.