Fourteen years ago, my husband and I moved from Hoboken to Summit and within months we were in love with the town. Initially, we thought we were going to miss our Hoboken-life, however, we were pleasantly surprised. The hum of city traffic and the buzz of nightlife was replaced with a slower, and quieter suburban community. A community that encouraged personal relationships and face-to-face conversation. Whether it was our new neighbors, the mailman, or the server at the Summit Diner, we were welcomed everywhere we went. Although, it was an adjustment that no restaurant delivered past 10 p.m.!

Fast forward to today. We now have two children, ages eleven and eight, and we are currently renovating our home. We chose to stay in Summit because we love being part of such an incredible community. A community where residents value conversation and friendship. One in which, people know their neighbors, their hair stylist, the librarian, the girl behind the counter at Natale’s Bakery, and the person in the next aisle at Kings. 

Therefore, you can imagine our surprise and disappointment when we read Summit is considering corporate memberships at the community pool. Our community pool is not just, “a swimming area” it’s a place where this close-knit community continues to make memories and celebrate our friendships. Our kids go to school together, play sports together, and we often see one another in town. These are the same people we spend our summer with at the community pool. We’ve watched each other’s children pass the swim test, ride the slide for the first time and take that first dive. These children are growing up together and the community pool is our second home June through August. 

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Corporate memberships would change the culture of our community pool. These members would not have children who attend school in Summit, they would not have children playing sports in Summit, they would not know that Mr. Z. at the pool is also the Spanish teacher at the middle school or the girl behind the desk at the Y grew up in Summit - they would not have a vested interest in our community. A community we have established and continue to nurture. A community in which college graduates return to and grow their own roots. A community that will be disheartened and will dissolve with corporate memberships.

Therefore, I question what benefit would corporate memberships provide Summit residents? Is this the result of a financial challenge? And if so, I strongly believe the residents should be made aware of the situation and be allowed an opportunity to pay more per family before we consider corporate memberships.

Our community pool is an extension of our immediate family – it’s our Summit Family. We know you have Summit residents' best interests in mind too, so we urge the Summit Common Council to VOTE NO on corporate memberships for SFAC. 

Please know your time and effort is appreciated and we look forward to hearing from you.

Rob and Melissa Miller