This seems to me to be an important election year for Summit. Our property values depend on two things -- the reputation of our schools, and the appeal of our downtown shopping district. We need a Mayor who can nurture both of these important community assets, and I believe that person is Nora Radest.  

Our schools are wonderful, and we are justifiably proud of them. It would be ideal to have a Mayor that is intimately familiar with their operations and their finances. Nora has devoted countless hours to our school system, serving ably on the Board of Education and the Board of the Summit Educational Foundation (including terms as President of both), and presiding over the creation of a permanent endowment for the SEF.

As great as our schools are, there is always room for improvement, and there will inevitably be times when the purse strings will get tighter. Nora has proved that she knows how to harness the incredible talents and energies of our Summit community to make sure that we settle for nothing less than excellence in our schools.  

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Our downtown presents a bigger challenge.  Times have changed, and the beloved mix of small independent retail shops that were here when I first moved to town is sadly no longer a viable option. We have to think carefully about what will ultimately replace it, and not simply rely on our landlords and Summit Downtown, Inc. to magically create the vibrant street life that we want and need.

I won’t forget seeing Mayor Jordan Glatt anxiously pacing the streets during the first Ladies Night out, trying to gauge the success of the event. I know Nora Radest’s work ethic, and she is cut from that same cloth. She will be both determined and creative in finding ways to support our current merchants, and she will actively manage toward successful outcomes for the new businesses that we need to fill our empty storefronts.  

Please join me in going to the polls to vote for Nora. She has proven time and again that she will do her utmost for the City of Summit, not only through her own hard work, but also through her ability to actively seek out the best ideas to solve a problem, and put those ideas into practice. She deserves your support.

Roby Weinreich