Mayor Glatt stated at a recent Common Council meeting that it is not the city's job to play parent and force our youth off the streets, from mingling downtown, and gathering at various locations throughout Summit. Obviously it is the parents' job to know the whereabouts of their kids 24/7. What happens when the parents aren't doing their job? If I have to be the parent in a classroom because a child hasn't been disciplined at home, don't you think it is the police officer's job to discipline when these same kids are out in public?

Today, I visited the new Dunkin' Donuts on Morris Avenue. There is a sign posted that basically states anyone is not welcome who is going to loiter around the premises and cause trouble. AMEN! Why hasn't Starbucks and other stores where these kids accumulate posted this sign? Is it because uptown busineses are frightened of offending anyone? Oh well.

You know too well the saying-it takes a village to raise a child. If the residents of this "village" were on the same page, it would be a unanimous decision to post signs such as this throughout town, and not be concerned that someone might be offended.

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I never have allowed any of my three kids to "hang out' uptown. Nothing good has ever come out of "hanging out" uptown, and as we have recently seen, this is very true. If the behavior of these kids is not controlled and quashed, you're going to see an increase in crime in Summit. By the way, if my kids are ever "hanging out" uptown, you be sure to call me. I will take care of things immediately.

My husband and I raised three very terrific kids here. We put all of our energy into raising them and put them and their education before everything/everyone else.

For all of the education received by parents and kids in this town, maybe some need a lesson in child rearing. Kids don't come with an instruction manual.