On Tuesday, November 4, Summit voters will have a choice for representation on Common Council, 

I am Paul Grosswald, Democrat candidate, and I am running for the Ward I council seat.  Also on the ticket, topping Column A, is Cory Booker, running for re-election as Senator from New Jersey. 
Cory Booker is expected to win re-election by a handy margin.  He won Summit last year, too.  So did President Obama – twice.  So if Summit voters consistently pick Democrats at the top of the ticket, why do we have all Republicans running the Summit city government?

In the voting booth, Summit Democrats tend to support the selection for the Democrat at the top of the ticket, while Summit Republican voters tend to vote for Republicans up and down the ticket.  Many Independent voters will vote for Senator Booker, then switch back to Republicans for Congress and the local races.  The City of Summit, made up of mostly Independents, and slightly more Democrats than Republicans, ends up with a local government that is dominated by the minority Republican Party that does not accurately represent the needs and values of the people it governs.

Local elections really do matter, as these outcomes affect our quality of life in Summit.  More than any other level of government, it is the decisions of Common Council that has a direct impact on the quality of our lives: readiness of the police and fire departments to respond to emergencies; parking; our children's education.

I share the values of Summit residents.  My centrist approach to government is similar to that of Cory Booker, and I support:

Public Safety - My Republican opponent has cut police salaries, and reduced the force to 46 sworn officers, well below the national average of 52 for a city of our size;

Public Education - My opponent resisted the $17 million funding needed for school improvements in 2013;

Transparency – My opponent refuses to disclose the nature of his financial relationship with a real estate developer who frequently bids on Summit city projects;

Government serving the community at large, not special interests – the Republican Council has taken initial steps to replace the existing Summit Post Office with a parking garage without backing from city residents,and has spent  hundreds of thousands of dollars on poorly-designed parking lots that do not benefit the business community or the shoppers and residents.

On November 4 give Summit a balanced government: I respectfully ask for your vote for Ward I Representative.
Paul Grosswald