Mayor Dickson has provided the necessary leadership to keep Summit affordable.
Schools remain the #1 community asset, thanks to an innovative (not mandatory) Full-Day Kindergarten program that fully satisfies demand. The Board of Ed is insulated from politics by representative (diversified) appointments.
Public safety Fire and Police forces are nationally accredited. And our Rescue Squad is still fully manned (in new HQ bldg) by unpaid, but highly trained volunteers.
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She's attended more Freeholder meetings than her three predecessors combined, fighting County property taxes that now consume 30% of Summit's levy.
With high senior staff turnover at City Hall, Ellen's institutional memory alone provides vital continuity for our newly hired Chief Operating Officer (Mike Rogers).
Her on-job, 10 yrs experience (and full time dedication) has delved into every aspect of City Hall's $130 million cashflow (a BIG business by any standard).
Thank goodness Mayor Dickson is ready, willing, and able to run for a second term!
Tom Getzendanner
Councilman 2005-2013