We are endorsing Mayor Ellen Dickson for reelection. We have known Ellen for as long as we have lived in Summit, which is over 10 years.

Ellen is devoted to the town of Summit, as a resident and in city government. She has worked to improve the downtown, has addressed the parking issues and is present at almost all of the community events held throughout the year.

During trying times, such as Hurricane Sandy, Ellen was at the Emergency Command Center every day staying in touch with all aspects of emergency management, especially communications. She was the point of contact for any concerns and handled the problems with confidence and calm.

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We also think that Ellen has done a great job in battling tax increases and dealing with a County government that views Summit as a cash cow.

Although a mayor's power in that regard is very limited, Ellen has done as much as anyone could. Putting aside our own political preferences, we think that losing that experience and starting over with someone inexperienced will be a setback for the town.

We are proud to be Summit residents and proud to endorse Ellen for the next four years as mayor.

Peggy and Terry Dugan