Hi friends,

I think it’s important to write today about a story you may have recently read or heard about. David Dietze, Republican candidate for Council-at-large, current member and Former President of the Board of Education, recently posted on his campaign page a virtually exact copy of a post from Shelley Brindle, a candidate for Mayor in Westfield.

From my perspective, there’s three takeaways from this:

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  1. It’s lazy: Not even a week after the primary, the campaign is already cutting corners.

  2. There’s obviously not a whole lot of original thought going on here.

  3. The candidate doesn’t believe that the concern about this is important enough to respond himself but rather his campaign manager wrote a condescending response that is insulting to the intelligence of the people of Summit.

So here’s what I think David Dietze should do immediately:

  1. Apologize. If a high school student had plagiarized a final exam or term paper, that student would fail the assignment and face suspension or worse.

  2. Reconsider if his involvement on the Board of Education is still appropriate for the children and parents that he serves.

  3. Reconsider whether asking for the trust and vote of the people of Summit is appropriate in this coming election.

Finally, for the other members of the ticket with David, I think it’s very important to respond to this.  Silence sends a very clear message. If you can’t call out inappropriate behavior in this early stage how could you possibly call it out after you’ve been elected?

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.

Greg Vartan