I am David Dietze’s neighbor. I also consider David as a dear friend.  For the last ten years that I have known him, I have seen him work tirelessly as a volunteer on not one but numerous high-impact committees serving the Summit community.  David manages all this volunteer work while running a wealth management service, along with his wife Claire, that is nationally recognized.

With his professional expertise in finance and management, entrepreneurial drive and a passion for making our community better, I strongly believe that Summit and its residents will benefit immensely by having David Dietze as their next At-Large representative on Summit City Council.   

In this time of intense partisanship, we tend to look past the individual candidate that belongs to the other party. David Dietze is one exceptionally qualified candidate who can help make Summit better and should be seriously considered by all the voters in Summit, regardless of your party affiliation.  

Anand N. Mhatre