Summit is incredibly fortunate to be able to elect a candidate with the outstanding qualifications that David Dietze would bring to Summit’s Common Council, At-Large.

I have known David for nearly 50 years, as a classmate at both Mountain Lakes (NJ) High School and Dartmouth College, and as a fellow volunteer for many charitable endeavors, including providing more opportunities for Dartmouth students to expand their education, as well as for various improvements in our original hometown of Mountain Lakes.

I believe that David would be a standout leader in your community and a superb member of your Common Council.

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David has served on the Summit Board of Education for five years, and is currently its President, so he knows education extremely well and knows how to keep your District at the top of its game.

As a small business owner and civic leader in Summit for over two decades, I know the pride that David takes in Summit and its downtown. He wants it to be as vibrant as possible.

As an economist, David is an experienced student of finance.  I know the value he places on keeping government affordable.

As a lawyer, David is well equipped to handle the complexities of municipal government.

Most importantly, David’s character is one of integrity, honor and trust.  He is incredibly well respected by all those who know him.

I am honored to write this letter in endorsement of David Dietze as Summit’s next At Large Common Council Member.  Summit would be well served to elect David to this important position.

Christopher Jenny